About Keith

Hi there. My name is Keith Anderson and the founder of Instructional Results. At IR, we help teachers transition into business jobs where they can apply their educational background to improve employee performance.

Many teachers think that working in K-12 or higher education is hard to translate in job applications and interviews in other fields. While it does take some finesse, moving into corporate roles is easier than you think.

Trust me; I know!

After teaching in high school and universities for 8 years, I wasn’t happy with my career trajectory and felt burnt out. I knew that I needed to switch careers but didn’t know how. It took me 3 years of trail and error networking, interviews, cold calls and portfolio work when I finally landed my first industry job doing instructional design at Google. After landing this first role at Google, I’ve redirected my career into offering instructional design solutions for some of the biggest tech companies including YouTube, Uber and Facebook (currently).

When consulting with me, I will coach you from where you are now and help you get on the track of business education. Reach out to me via Facebook Messenger to receive a free consultation.